Some impressions from the few last games

RPG-43 grenadiers are way too good, they can sneak into a base and blow it up in no time. They also make great AT gun killers because even if the gun is surrounded by inf, one grenade will often reach it (AA guns die from the first hit, AT usually take more). As it is, it’s often better to build grenadiers only (at least in mid to late game), they kill normal inf in no less than 1:1 ratio (which is much better than other USSR inf can achieve), and often they get a chance to throw another grenade.
Sherman Jumbo is too resistant to grenades! I’ve seen one of those take no less than 12 RPG-43 hits (in groups, with max of 4-5 grenades at once and others a bit later) and still retain approx. 30% HP. That feels wrong.
Anti-tank rifle troops seem to be somewhat useless. At the stage they might be important, your barracks is busy with more numerous troops. When you have more that 1 barracks, it’s often better to make RPG-43 because light vehs are no longer that much of a threat (your own light veh appear and take care of them).
Grenadiers miss very often when attacking British radar building, not sure why (other structures tend to get hit much more consistently).

There’s actually something really funny about PTRD–the heavier the tank, the more effective they are! This is because they aren’t true AP weapons internally, which means that it doesn’t matter how much armor the target has. Try two squads against a Tiger II for epic lulz. I think the problem was that we all assumed it was an anti-light veh weapon >_>

Rightly or wrongly, the Jumbo is the second most-heavily armored tank the game stat-wise (I don’t know how it was in real life); it’s pretty much resistant to all AP (try a Jumbo versus Tiger duel).

IRL it was quite tough, but otoh anti-tank grenades should kill any tank. It’s just the way they work - they are shaped-charge, AND they attack the target from above (if thrown properly), so no WW2 tanks should survive more than a couple hits (hardly any modern tank would survive that even).

As for PTRD, you are right, I just assumed they are anti-light, which they should be (and which role is performed by T-60 with great success, so I made PTRD maybe once or twice).

well i want to say my imprssions too.
Anyway i never saw the Sherman - Jumbo with this big Turret?!?? omg
I think they are not enough Planes though and the Bomber plane each only carriers one bomb?! i remember they was able to carrier 2 max.

A cool feature would be a big or more planes which make a carpet-bomb on one postion only one flyover (they fly over the map completly they dont return) CnC Generels style ^^
Mhmm.I played with another one (2 vs Bot) and respect we really had problems the bot is okay but in my mind the bot make to much vehicle spamming.
I personally think that the planes cost to much command points but on the other hand its good too.

Just my impressions maybe someone noticed them too ^^