Some Ideas You'll Hate

Brought to you by the creator of “put tigers and ISU in regular tank yards”, “add gliders for lulz”, “make boats have target-able turrets” and other such winners.

There’s been some discussion in the past about bringing weaker nations up to the same level of the original 4. I had personally always envisaged that Sweden was never meant to be comparable. Why? Well it allows for a handicap for more able players to be less dominating in a small community, whilst giving them a new challenge. The downside is that people feel its a noob trap, I guess?

I propose a re-balancing of all 8 nations into 4 tiers.

Symmetrical Asymmetry.

Tier 1 - Germany vs. USSR
tl;dr: Small buffs to both
For obvious enough historical reasons this makes a sensible matchup, but they are also easily the best nations for armour (even more so with sloped).

  • Buff soviet infantry capture by making it a constant attribute of all infantry.
  • Add a toggle to cloak-able infantry ‘Cap / Hide’, they only cap if they are uncloaked
  • Commissar is no longer an engineer, can no longer hide. Still has super-capping ability, has a pistol and enhanced fear-suppression command aura that prevents pinning. Becomes a front-line tool to push your infantry on without armour support.
  • Move ISU-152 to heavy yard with IS-2, add KV-1S or KV-85 as a regular tankyard counterpart to Tiger I.
  • Potentially add Jagdtiger or Brummbar as a counterpart to ISU.
  • Potentially add 251/9 ‘Stummel’ to vehicle yard as a counterpart to SU-76 HE ability
  • Add paratroops to both nations.
  • Potentially add light gliders to both nations (~10-15 troops)
  • Nerf Pr.161 by giving it 76mm T-34 turrets it should have instead of 85mm
  • Remove V1

Tier 2 - Japan vs. USA
tl;dr: Sideways move to amphibious speciality
Again obvious historical reasons, as well as US being next best allied side and Japan probably being next best axis side. Both with a weakness in armour vs T1, though far more pronounced for Japan.

  • Add amphibious yard as another option or as an upgrade to vehicle yard. For US this is DUKW replacing CCKW, LVT-A1 replacing M5A1, LVT-A4 replacing M8 Scott, adding LVT-4 with a USMC squad pre-loaded with additional BAR-men.
  • Japanese counterpart has the already existing amphibious APC Ka-Tsu and light tank Ka-Mi, basically the already existing landing craft upgrade.
  • Add japanese paratroopers
  • Potentially add light gliders to both nations (~10-15 troops)

Tier 3 - Italy vs. GB
tl;dr minor nerf to GB

Again a historical match-up. Both have specialist infantry, an emphasis on wheeled vehicles and weak tanks but some big guns.

  • Add Morris C/9B bofors gun truck and 75mm SP, Autocar (75mm GMC) in fire support role with HE to brits to bring counterparts to autocannones.
  • Nerf british tanks - already achieved through sloped armour, Cromwell sucks now. Maybe make firefly more expensive.
  • Potentially replace or supplement Achilles with Archer. Then have Semovente 90, Autocannone 90 and Semovente 75/46 facing off with Achilles, Archer and Firefly.
  • Potentially add Italian gliders (seems they had a design and/or used german ones)
  • Potentially add paratroopers to both

Tier 4 - Hungary vs Sweden
tl;dr slight nerf to hungary
Bit of an odd one historically, but they are on a par seen as much of hungarian armour was Swedish designed. Interesting AT equipment choices Pvlvk 20mm / 44M rocket and 20mm AT rifles.

  • Remove TAM and Turan III as a-historical (more on this later). m/42 vs Turan II looks like a fair matchup, as well as Toldi vs m/40 being basically the same.
  • Hungarians did have paratroopers, sweden didn’t so its a possibility
  • Sweden had small number of gliders but not sure hungarians did so that’s a possibility.

To resolve the ‘noob trap’ / any other ‘all sides should be the viable’ argument, I propose a mod-option ‘What-Ifs’ that comes in 5 levels .

0 - Disabled
4 - TAM, Turan III, maybe Zyrnyi I for HUN. PvKv m/43 and LvKv m/43 for SWE. Perhaps also Carl Gustav m/48 in the barracks. Aims to make tier 4 more comparable to tier 3.
3 - Comet, Centurion Mk I for GBR. Maybe Gloster Meteor. P.43 Bis for ITA. Aims to make T3 comparable to T2.
2 - M6A1 and T29 for USA, Type 4 Chi-To and Type 5 Chi-Re for JPN. Aims to make T2 more comparable to T1.
1 - IS-3, T-44 for USSR, maybe ISU-130. Lots of ridiculous options for GER including Jagdtiger, Maus, Me163, Arado Ar 234… Aims to make T1 ridiculously OP.

More features? I like it.

Having reviewed the JPN tree somewhat, it is already also very reliant on low-production vehicles. Plenty of people taking issue with making GER and RUS even more favourable to players, too, and not wanting to see only GER vs. RUS games.

So new proposal re: WhatIf modoption

0 - No low series or prototypes
1 - Low series vehicles (Na-To, 120mm Chi Ha, several others in game already, possible additions like Comet, Type-4 Chi-To)
2 - Prototype vehicles (TAM, Turan III from current, plus Pvkv m/43, Type-5 Chi-Re many more)