Some 1v1 - v095 - 0.79.1

Don’t know if anyone is going to have a chance to watch these before updating their spring version but I figured I would post them here anyway:

I was US vs Tobi as Germany (we both chose random). This was the best game I think, with lots of back and forth. I expanded better but failed completely at managing my buildpower and logistics. Tobi made good use of halftracks and mgs.

Also, ammo on the flamers didn’t really seem to affect their gameplay until I stalled logistics. If they make cost it is usually before they run out of ammo, which is good because they are a PITA to rearm because they are sooo slow.

Same factions again. Not much to say here; Tobi pushed center with mg crawl while I went for the top and bottom. Mostly just spam until the end.

I was USSR vs Tobi as US. Russian start squad is powerful O_o but I suppose that is to make up for how much longer it takes them to get their next squad out and their early lack of capture power. His halftracks also didn’t seem to be effective once I had enough PTRD out, so I mostly just spammed the rifle squad.

In general not brilliant games, but decent enough. One thing notable in all games I think is how easy its was to take prisoners back. In one case I stopped my units from shooting an smg that had surrendered, shortly after which it un-surrendered and started shooting at my guys again (right after it regained like half its health back from almost nothing during its surrendered time). Also, there were not many prisoners taken, mostly just killed, although killing prisoners was probably the best route anyway because you didn’t want them turning on you once their health was back :wink: .

Anyway I think the mechanics worked well probably just needs some tweaking.

Awesome, thanks waldo. I’ll watch these when I get back from work today.