Soldier stuck in barracks after producing

I have recently tried Spring: 1944 and it is pretty great. I tried version Lyuban 1.07. However, with any nation, soldiers sometimes get stuck inside barracks. I propose that the barracks front wall be made completely “passable” but still kept looking as it is. This would allow pathfinding easier passage out of the barracks. I find the problem occurs when multiple soldiers try to get out of the entrance at the same time, and it is notoriously difficult to coax them out of there when it happens. This usually involves telling each soldier to go to a different direction in a trial-and-error fashion, until they come out, one at a time.

well i always give every building a flag point where the soldiers should go after getting build. But i had the problem to with some mortars… after the enemy was close the mortars in the building shoot… what happends can you imagine xD

You can give the buillidings flagpoints while clicking on a building and then clicking with right click on ground.

There are some fixes for this behaviour in the current test release. :wink: