Snipers made me blind

Players: JAL vs PPsh
Map: 1944_Kiev_V4
Game version: Test-2753
Engine version: 0.81.2
Awesome rating (out of 5): ****
Comments: A nasty game again. Germany vs Russia again, after a while i noticed that my infantry and MG nests where dieing fast as hell.
Dont tell me that he had more barracks than me, i tried 2 build more vehicles.

Your jagpanthers did very well.

For snipers, may be an artillery fire would have killed them. Use the Attack command and Alt + hold left click to design a line with attack command.

Your nebelwerfer could have been used for that, red circles indicate sniper presence. For a faster mico, you could assign a team to nebelwerfers (team 1 or 2 …).
Not sure it will work, but if you kill 3 snipers, I lose more than 4000 command. For guns artillery, you should put them in hold fire for a better control.

I dont know if it is a wanted feature, but it seems my max command storage increased with time. I think my max command storage capacity increased of 1000 with each new commisar.

Logistically cheaper (but perhaps slower and less pyrotechnically gratifying) is to send a scout over. Sometimes they can ambush a sniper and take him out with pistol fire, but more often once he’s spotted the rest of your guys will gleefully turn the tables on the little jerk. Or, if the scout is working with one of your own snipers, even more poetic justice.

But yeah, arty and mortars are a good anti-sniper deterrent if you have the logistics; another option is to drive a vehicle over. I frequently lose my own snipers when some halftrack wanders a bit too much off the road.

Tiger88, JAL tried to send tons of scouts. It didnt work. I had an huge line of snipers and they were protected by tank-destroyers. Artillery was probably the only chance. Nemo recently introduced a decloack after fire for snipers, this will greatly reduce sniper powers I think.

In order to watch the replay, you can download the mod from springdownloader ( which is available here: ).

-----Here I post another replay in kiev-----
Players: John95+LuisBrown vs PPsh
Map: 1944_Kiev_V4
Game version: Test-2753
Engine version: 0.81.2
Awesome rating (out of 5): ***
Comments: Here I beat 2 new players. They didn’t play bad but they wasted lot of command for planes (which they controlled very badly). This may be reflect the fact that planes are hard to control in s44…

Yeah, the difference is I generally have my snipers operating as lone wolves; putting them in with armor and other uncloaked units means they’re going to be on the receiving end of enemy fire even if they are unseen. Kind of the whole point to sniping is it’s supposed to be aimed death from who-knows-where, which is why I’m not crazy about the decloak-after-firing plan. They’re supposed to be an absolute pain to hunt down; maybe a better plan is to jack up the production cost.


Usually I deploy them either as scouts/harassment forces along expected enemy lines of approach or sneak them up to the enemy’s base camp to make trouble/spot targets for airstrikes. Having a couple snipers plinking at everything that comes out the door of the barracks is a decent way to sow confusion. Snipers are less an “ultimate rifleman” than a unit that messes with your opponent’s head and makes him spend time micromanaging units to hunt them down. I think in most games against the AI I field 10-12 scout/sniper teams at most; for something like you describe (screening vehicles) a standard rifleman or better yet an MG is a cheaper choice that does about as much good.

May be snipers should decloak if there is a too high concentration of snipers shooting from a same place.
That would be realistic, if a lot of sniper fires come from one place then snipers are not hidden anymore.

Indeed, that’s been the plan for a little while now for cloaked units - I just need to write the gadget.

Yeah, some of the stuff that’s been done for gameplay is a little unrealistic, like flamethrower and heavy AT (Panzerschreck, bazooka) crews being cloaked. During WWII both duties were often considered suicidal precisely because they were highly visible and tended to attract fire. Russian flamethrower crews would conceal the tanks in a rucksack and disguise the flamethrower with an old Mosin-Nagant frame in order not to be singled out by sniper fire. Take it from a guy who does scuba diving - it’s pretty hard to sneak around with sixty pounds of metal tanks on your back.

As far as counter-sniper tactics, I’m quite happy with the soundwave-animation on the map when one fires; I can generally scroll over to the units under attack and quickly figure out where it’s coming from. Deactivating the “cloak” when a bunch of snipers are massed together wouldn’t affect my gameplay style much since I employ them alone, although it would hinder my usual style of massing AT infantry in areas of the map where tanks or AT guns are impractical to station. I’d be more interested in making cloaking dependent on movement; with the cloak activated units have to crawl at a snail’s pace.

Tiger88, download the test version with spring-downloader. Flamers are now not cloaked, and there is other changes

I’ll make a note; I haven’t checked out the test versions mostly because I was waiting for them to stabilize somewhat. I’m a lot better at tactical suggestions and useless historical stuff than fiddling with test builds :unamused:

I think there r many problems with the sticking together decloak thing

  1. How will u know how close your cloaked units can stick together
  2. Snipers can be spreaded but i think AT guys r better in groups because they tend 2 miss their target.
  3. Other cloaked stuff could decloak your units suddenly (mines …).
  1. the area would match the decloak range, most likely.
  2. this would just mean that a ‘group’ would have to be a little more spread out
  3. easy to code it so that only infantry affect this :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways, this will probably wait until after MG.

Yeah, I tend to cluster AT troops in ambush points where they’re away from uncloaked infantry and behind covering terrain (to avoid them catching fire from long range) but someplace where my MGs and riflemen can pick off any infantry trying to sweep them out. Generally works pretty well.