Snipers hesitating to fire in rev 2005

They drop to one knee and aim the rifle at the enemy but don’t fire, most of the time. Sporadically they’ll squeeze out a round and then go back to hesitating a lot to take the next shot (a lot longer than it takes to reload).

I tested the snipers from all four factions and they all seem to be suffering from a sudden bout of moral remorse about shooting people in cold blood. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was testing svn rev 2005.

That probably has something to do with no line of fire to the target. I often see them jittering or stupidly moving to a target which they can’t fire at, just because it is closer. I even considered a Lua routine for Snipers which has them switch targets if they can’t fire on one in five seconds.

I usually test in village crossing and I have some favorite spots in which to place snipers that I know for certain have clear lines of fire on incoming enemy troops.

Perhaps the hesitation has something to do with the recent engine upgrade?

I confirm the snipers feel a bit odd in v0.101. They spend too much time looking for a line of fire compared to 1.06. Not sure what is causing that.