Sniper Abuse

I did manage 2 push Godde back , even with his awesome air ,but i couldnt get all his snipers, they sniped fast. If someone use them right they can be OP.

I can see some “realism” limits on snipers’ ROF (in reality they’d need to adjust aim and windage), but there’s a good reason why regular troops loathe snipers - a good one can chop up an infantry squad pretty quickly, especially if as in S1944 their reaction to getting shot at is to hit the deck and not move. I usually try to counter snipers by paying attention to reports of infantry being attacked. If I check the site and see the red ripples from a sniper rifle’s report I usually either a) send a scout, some SMG troops, or halftracks out that way; b) hose the area down with MG fire; or c) take the “Saving Private Ryan” option and blast the area with tank guns and arty.