Smoth's UI work - respond gogo

Smoth has offered to make us a UI. I’ve been in and out of touch with him recently, he began with one of Neddie’s designs, here’s where his current mockup is. If people feel good about it (please respond quickly), he’ll start coding it.

I’ve asked him to leave the lefthand side of the screen clear for a selected units widget. otherwise, what’s on the screen is pretty much what we’re looking at for a final product.

As a side note, smoth uses an adapted version of CA’s buildpic generator that he said we could use to standardize all of our buildpics (since they’ve been generated by 3-4 different people at this point, I think).

This looks so damn >>>GEIL<<<3!!! (<—some kind of saying COOL/awesome…etc…)

I know i wasn’t very active, but as suggestion i would still prefer to have everything on the bottom of the screen except the Chat could be on the top (maybe the ressourcebars too).

However this looks cool too, man i would love to play with such a great UI :smiley:

This “Glossy” style of the chat (glass style) looks really extremely cool. lol

See you in a couple of weeks then!

greetZ N3mesis

It’s looking good.

Explain what the bottom right is/how it works?

Looks very good.

Does the chat only display player messeges? That would be pretty darn awesome because sync errors and information about units being attacked or flags being captured would not flood the chat.


Lower right is buildpics on the bottom row, commands + move/firestate on the top row. buildpics would scroll sideways if there were more than 8 options in a factory (maybe slide down when no factory is selected?)

By the way you guys should mind to make 2 CPU bars at least. For people which runs 2 Cores (maybe 4 in future if the Spring Developers would work on it…) Anyways good luck!

the idea is great with the slide down thing if nothing is selected etc…

cya then…

I’m not very sure about the buildpic generator thing (never messed with CA’s one).

As for build buttons and orders: maybe swap them (build options at top, orders at bottom)? That way there would be no sliding if current selection holds no builders (I’d expect order buttons sliding away from your mouse pointer just when you’re about to click something because the sole comissar among your 20 riflemen selected was just killed would be annoying).

how is it going? Is he making process on the UI?

He’s in Amsterdam, I believe.

oh… well… that’s self explaining…