Smoke shells and the 105mm Sherman

It appears that the restore after delay function is kicking in while the 105mm Sherman is firing smoke which makes the barrel return to the front while the Sherman is trying to fire smoke canisters.

To test just have a 105mm Sherman fire smoke using a “broadside” orientation, i.e., the tank is pointing to the north while firing to the east, for example. Everything will work fine at the beginning but when the restore after delay kicks in the turret will return to the north while still trying to fire to the east.

I still have to test the smoke on the other support tanks, I will report anything I find under this thread/topic.

On a somewhat related note, some tanks have a higher turret turn rate while executing return after delay than while executing the aiming function. Not game breaking but it looks weird.

Found this while testing svn rev 2091.

iam not sure but a sherman with a 105mm gun? or did i missunderstood something?

Yes, the brown Sherman you get when you upgrade the tank yard to either advanced mediums or heavies. It’s a support tank and it has a 105mm gun.

I fixed the turret problems, please test again (svn ofc.)
If you find those on any other unit, let me know.

The 105mm Sherman appears to still have restore after delay issues. The turret doesn’t completely reset to pointing front as before but it still jitters a little bit trying to rotate to the front instead of just aiming steadily.

Also, the 95mm Cromwell is firing both a smoke and a HE shell per reload interval when ordered to fire smoke.

I noticed this while testing svn rev 2098.

Ok, found a typo in Sherman 105 script. Test again.
Cromwell should also be fixed now (weapon1 wasn’t properly blocked when smoke was firing). Cromwell had the too fast turret restore speed problem as well btw.

Both the support Sherman and the support Cromwell appear to be functioning correctly now.

The bit 'bout the restore turret turn rates must be a leftover from when it was decided to reduce turret turn rates across the board. Thus, probably most tanks and perhaps the Sdkfz 250 also have fast turret turn rates when restoring.

I was testing svn rev 2099.

Perhaps, but there is a defined constant for turret traverse in the master tank script and both functions should use it.

FLOZi, Aim functions do use constants, but all the restore functions use “magic numbers”. At least that’s how it is (was, since it’s changed now) in tank scripts I was fixing.