Sloped Armour Debugger flag ignored

When using script.txt to pass the flag sloped_armour_debug=0, the game still displays the debugging text.

I managed to fix this by adding:

local modOptions = Spring.GetModOptions()

To the …/LuaRules/Gadgets/game_armour.lua

sloped armor is under heavy development at the moment. All issues should be reported to Flozi in the channel.

Thanks for the report Brat.

I was aware that it didn’t work, but didn’t bother fixing it due to rapid state of development in the specialised branch. If it bothers you you can make a PR to master with your fix and I will merge it in. :slight_smile:

I would not mind doing that. I don’t think I know how. That would be my first time. :wink:

Well it doesn’t matter now as new sloped armour code was merged into master branch. :smiley: