Site Maintenance

How do I access the elements of the actual site so I can, say, update our Contact or Guide pages?

FTP program thingy of some sort. Then connect to our ftp, the details of which I don’t remember. :frowning:

You can Acces the server with “Filezilla” its a opensource FTP program i used it a while ago. You should also be able to enter the FTP-Server with the normal Windows -Folder- Explorer while typing in the correct Address in the Explorer (on the top of the Window and not Windows´s standard Browser ^_^) you could do the same with a normal Browser but then you can’t edit the stuff.

Anyways i think Koshi should know more about the server… and stuff

n3m…are you talking in general? you shouldn’t have FTP login info.

I dont have any Login info for the Server for sure you need the Login info to Access the Server with Filezilla or the Windows Explorer.

I remember you can type in something like:
Then the server will ask for a Username and Passwort. In general…

I tested it, you simply Enter the following in the Addressline of your Folder Browser: (top)

and then you must Enter your Username and PW which i dont know.
I hope its correct that way. Then you can simply edit the html files and stuff. And “FileZilla” is doing basically the same.

I managed php powerd sites some time ago so it should be in general the same :smiley:

I hope it helps. :nerd:

Already updated some sections.