sightDistance & others

I am trying to change the sightDistance for specific units. In addition to that, I would like to change radarDistance and minCloakDistance.

Nothing I do seems to change what happens in the game.

So I probably have at least these questions:

  1. Assuming one unit vs. one unit, both within the other’s defined weapon range, which of the above three attributes determines whether or not they will fire their weapon?
  2. Does cloak distance work? Do units have to turn their cloaks on/off? is How is this done? Smaller minCloakDistance means they can get closer without being noticed/targeted?
  3. Do vehicles have sightDistance? The fog of war does not seem to light up around them.
  4. So I have tried changing these three attributes in numerous places (BaseClasses, vehicles, infantry, etc.) . I can change buildCostMetal for a unit, but changing the others doesn’t seem to make a difference in the game. maxDamage doesn’t seem to do anything either. Is there some other place where these are set?

BTW, when I change the game parameter unit_los_mult, that seems to work.

Any ideas?

Much appreciated!