Short 2v1 on Tabula

Players:JAL vs Tobi and Cettle (yeah imba)
Map:Tabula v2
Game version:Pre-M RC1
Engine version: 0.81.2
Awesome rating (out of 5): ***

Snipers too effective maybe?

Also +20 breaks any kind of skewed setup like this. Maybe we should devise a solution for this. (The bigger team could get 20 * numPlayersOnSmallerTeam / numPlayersOnBiggerTeam resources per team, so it evens out?)

Also some comments from JAL (in my words):

  • AT mines are maybe too expensive / have too much buildtime
  • AT guns miss too often (don’t know if I agree)

I watched the replay , guns seemed ok , they are only bad vs fast moving targets (like pz III).
Look at the damn snipers, thats no fun 2 play vs ghosts. I tried 2 get them with decloaking with my scout thats damn hard , they took all my bars and mg’s out.

I tried 2 rush arty with some storages , that was my main fault i think, i nearly stalled with all these flags.