Ship Stats and Balance

At model scale, 7.29 kt corresponds to 1 elmo/frame.

Use same hp convention (100 hp / metric ton) as other vehicles?

No armor?

Ships with not enough data so far:

Schwere Sturmboot 42
Siebel Fahre


Pr.1125 Armored Boat:
Displacement: 29,3tons
Armor: T-34-76 turret with standard armor of that tank, 4-7mm otherwise
Length: 22,65m
Width: 3,55m
Power: 850hp
Speed: 18kn

BMO class Subchaser:
Displacement: 62 tons
Armor: “initially intended for light tanks”, w/o specifying the type of said tanks
Length: 24,7m
Width: 4,2m
Power: 2x1200hp
Speed: 22kn
(backup ‘economic mode’ engine: 80hp, 6 kn)

Komsomolets class MTB:
Full Displacement: 23 tons (standard: 20.5 tons)
Length: 18,7m
Width: 3,4m
Power: 2x1200hp
Speed: up to 48 knots

Light Tender = 15-t tender
Displacement: 15t (name comes from that)
L: 10.5m
W: 3.8m
Power: 1x75hp engine from ZiS-5 truck
Speed: 5-6 knots
Tender is specifically noted for its ability to turn nearly in place.

Zhelezniakov-class monitor
Displacement: 263t full, 230t standard
Armor: sides 4-8mm, deck 8mm, conning tower sides 30mm, tower roof 16mm
L: 51,2m
W: 8,2m
Power: 2Ñ…70hp
Speed: 8.3kn

Displacement: 1,45t
L: 7,2m (with rudder)
W: 1,75m
Power: 50 hp
Speed: 19-20kn

Brilliant-class Border Guard Ship (PSK)
Displacement, standard/full: 600/1000
L: 67,5m
W: 7,3m
Power: 2 Х 1100hp
Speed: 16,8kn

Thanks yuritch! I shall put these in shortly.

Sch. Sturmboot 42
Dipcement 9.5t
Length: 14.5m
Width: 3m
Power: 250hp
Speed: not specified (I expect it to be in 10-15 kn range, with 250hp for 9.5tons)

LCT 6: link
USSR used lend-leased LCTs, since it had no own-built vehicle landers (except for some nearly inoperational WW1 stuff).

British LCG: use stats from LCT(4), since it’s made on the same base.