Sensor systems discussion at main Spring board

Here it is

Basically that (if implemented) will be of much use to us. I take examples from Blitzkrieg where a similar system is working, here’s what results:

  • tanks that can see other tanks just fine at long ranges, but only spot inf when they’re about to run into it;
  • light vehicles that see big things just like tanks, but spot inf much farther;
  • snipers that can see everything at max range.
    So that means cloak is no longer needed for AT inf, this automatically makes them worse VS infantry. BUT similar detection rules are applied to AT guns as well, which makes them stronger VS tanks. And it defines a spot for light AT guns, since they are smaller and have better camo values. So for ex. an 88 can coexist with 50mm PaK-38, without phasing it out (since the 88 with its size is spotted at max sight distance and gets attacked immediately, and PaK-38 will only be found when the target is well within its range).

Awesome. I’d probably rather use this to help units we already have in rather than implement new ones (ie,let the ZiS-2 be a competitive AT gun), but this is really neat - would make a lot of things rather simpler.

Been wanting this for months.