Searching for 1944 public alpha

Hi i cannot find this ver. 0.01b3c 1944 public alpha or just 0.01 there are more more units like 155mm Motor Carriage and so.I had this mod but i lost him.You can find details here … alpha_v0.1


These forums are pretty inactive :astonished: !
Anyway I played that version to, but the units in the later beta look way better. Anyway since you really want it, here is a link: … and_Found/

It should be in the list… have fun.

eeek, old version alert!

Yes, the public alpha did indeed have more units per side. However, it only had two sides AND they were hideous AND it was before suppression and logistics and all that other cool stuff.

Sorry for the forum inactivity - we’re working (once in a while) on a new release, hopefully maybe possible not too far away.