Scout thingy

It would be nice if spring could add sight for a unit in each direction but it cant .

So , how about 2 make it more simple, scout vehicle gets 25% more sight ,if it doesnt move .
If it moves , it has the same sight than other vehicle.

How about these:

Humber scout car

small idea for Jeep, no own weapon, can load 1 infantry then it uses the weapon of the loaded infantry.

like that :
Jeep + medium Mg
Jeep + Bazooka
Jeep + scout
Jeep + sniper
Jeep + flamethrower
Jeep + Bar

I’m speciall interested in your jeep idea :smiley:

I think that the its a good idea but I’m new here the jeep could upgrade with a 50cal mg or as mentioned could use the infantries weapon, though I’ve never heard of jeeps using flamethrowers, then the british could get a SAS jeep to support their commandos it could have twin vickers k guns and would be slightly better then the basic jeep. I think the humber and is kinda too heavy of a car for this category, especially since it won’t be the old humber with a 15mm besa, what about a dingo scout car instead

That was hard 2 find, but here:

I’d prefer Dingo to Humber. And Nemo will never agree to it anyway. :wink:

Thanks for supporting the dingo idea, and I see that there was also an artillery version with rockets, this could be the US light rocket artillery sort of like a katyusha and they could get a sherman calliope for heavy artillery support but now I’m going Off topic here

how about just adding binocs to some vehicles ?