Scout Binoculars!

Give the Scout an ability or weapon in the form of his binoculars. He can use these to “fire” on an area, which reveals LOS there (somehow). He will constantly look there until told to stop; you can also have him look at several locations so that he goes back and forth from one to the other as if “scanning the horizon”.

Much better use for him rather than just a guy with a pistol and small decloak that sneaks around.

Just a question, is it possible to do directional LOS? That would be useful for vehicles - you could allow a tank to sight in on targets at maximum gun range while also allowing infantry or other tanks to blindside it (if no other units are watching its flanks).

Directional LOS is possible perhaps, but not within feasible performance constraints.

Binoculars idea is doable.

The issue with making binocs a weapon, as I’ve found out, is that since it’s classified as a projectile it a) shows up as a yellow outgoing shot on the minimap and b) if it falls on a unit that unit will return fire. Spying on a tank company or artillery makes life VERY lively for scouts now.

We will look into masking the weapon.

Exploit: they actually attack.
If you aim on a ghosted structure, it will attack it with the projectile.
Attached pic shows XP gain after destroying an AA emplacement (which was rendered USELESS while under fire, because of fear thingy), a german field engineer, and the german HQ bunker itself (with some help from tanks).

I feel bad for myself because I didn’t use this to finally waste Godde… but what you know, turns out I do have standards… (like he would let me make enough scouts anyway…)[attachment=0]screen00122.png[/attachment]

Hmm, this is caused because Spring rounds up damages of 0 (or any number > 0 < 1) to 1.

We can get round it, I just have to think about the best way (lua UnitPreDamaged can remove the damage done, but suppression probably means editing bos/cob of the towed guns too)

edit: … w=revision


On my opinion it’s wrong to give such long-range binocular to scouts. Scouts were quite useful even without them, I always used them without any problems. Now scout can stand absolutely safely and unreachable on friendly territory and observe what’s going on behind enemy’s front lines. And enemy cannot anyhow prevent him from doing that.

I suggest to set binocular’s fire range equal to or less than scout’s normal LOS distance. So binoculars would be used by scouts only to reveal cloaked units (other scouts, anti-tank infantry, partizans …) at distance.

That’s not quite true… You can see the “binocular projectile” in the minimap and take action… Besides, unless you are camping, you should have forward troops to push any scouts back behind enemy lines…

I believe they already reveal cloaked units in their LOS range… I must check if that happens.
Anyways, to give the binocs such a small range, cancels any need for them.

I don’t mean to attack your opinion or anything, I just want to convince you on the idea, because I liked binoculars, and I’d like them to stay.

No, giving binoculars range equal to normal scout LOS range wouldn’t cancel any need in them, because they would still be the only way to reveal cloaked units on range without contacting and fighting them (for example when planning attack to find out if there anti-tank troops). And yes, binoculars reveal cloaked units now, that’s why i only suggest to lessen their range.

I wonder then, why tanks and tank destroyers don’t have such feature, only scouts. I’m sure that tanks had at least the same quality of optics as handheld binocular, but tanks in game don’t have ability to look on 2000 range, they see almost twice lesser.

I saw such binoculars in several games before and their usage in multiplayer often ended up in trying to “enlarge” LOS for tanks (i mean look from binocular of scout to some point to allow nearby tank to fire at larger range, than his LOS range). All this shifted gameplay from tactic actions to heavy micromanagement. As i read (maybe i wrong), Spring 1944 developers tries to lessen such kind of micromanagement, when you need to control individual units, not squads and groups.

Sorry, in advance, for my English, i don’t write on it very well.

I’ve just checked it too with 2 clients connected to each other and can say for sure: scouts cannot see cloaked units (snipers, anti-tank infantry, scouts,…), unless they’re in decloak range (i.e. very close). (and don’t use binocular of course)

I think binocs r good, the games r much more intensive because the frontlines r fighting all the time , not like before just porcing a line and wait for the short time that the scout plane will show up.