sasi: super awesome springlobby interface

I’m considering adding multiplayer support to SimpleInterface and would like some input.

I would only present a dumbed-down list of battles running the current mod (the arg with which one started SimpleInterface) to join or create one using a relayhost.
There will be no chat/pm but the battle’s own. Map autodownload is always on.

What would need to be in a bare minimum version of the battleroom?
I’d leave out map/modoptions entirely. Maybe allow preset definitions loading from LobbyOptions.lua.
No map tab, just a minimap pic that opens the map browser on click (if hosting).
No unit restrcitions tab either.
No Playermanagement/autohost.

Maybe a Filter too?

A filter for what? Mods? I guess letting LobbyOptions.lua define a regex for the selectable battles would be ok, but letting the user change it seems too much imo.

no i meant simple Game modes, maybe Maps filter?
And what about a Friend-list? Adding people to a list while you are in a Battleroom would be cool so that you can everytime find you friends while you see the Battlelist in which Battleroom they are currently.

Sorry, not quite getting it.

As for friends list: The current mechanism for that is currently too tightly coupled to the ‘full’ Ui to be an option. So it’s either having something in parallel or a potentially hefty rewrite, neither of which I’m too keen on atm. We’ll see :wink:

Filtering Game modes? So if you like deployment you filter all games in the list with Deployment as game mode running=?
If you like to play traditional you filter all games/server which run that mode. :unamused:

n3m: the new implementation of deployment mode will technically be a different mod, so it’ll show up on the list with a different name (ie easy to find).

Koshi: that sounds brilliant, pretty much ideal for simpleinterface extension.

oh okay. but I took it just for a example. I don’t know how many modes the game actually have/support

Lobby protocol does not yield modoptions info w/o joining a battle btw, so filtering for those would be impossible anyways.

[19:41:45] <koshi> anybody remember who/from what sources put together bitmaps/lobby_background.png ?
[19:42:29] <koshi> i’d like basically the same now, just with the text in the first ‘row’ of the image and smaller

proof of concept implementation’s done:

I seem to think it originated from an S44 forum poster, but then again I’m more than a little inebriated.

the last few commits in s44 svn allowed me to do this in simpleinterface

next up: battle chat/controls

To clarify, this is in direct competition with SD’s internal lobby?

Different approach I’d say. Afaik SD is not customizable by the mod, while SL simple mode specifically targets one mod, only showing battles that agree with a defined filter.

SD dumps you into sections with a chat for a particular mod/game and filters for that game. I think the games supported in this manner are defined by rapid. I agree, though, different approach.

Apologies for messing up the path of the background image btw :blush:

I’m contemplating ditching the integrated SimpleInterface in favor of something much, much easier customizable and visually appealing. If you could have pretty much free reign graphics wise, how would a launcher GUI look? Anyone got enough time to waste on a mockup?

First dabblings in qml. Note that the transition between views is not post-processed, but an acutal in-GUI transition.

Looks very promising! :mrgreen: