S44v153RC4 1944_Hill_128 1vs1

As zcram asked to post that.

Players:zcram(RUS), buumi(USA)
Game version:S44v153 RC4
Engine version:
Awesome rating (out of 5): ***
Comments: About 45min game with zcram being USSR and me as USA in Hill 128. It includes some small tanks, halftracks and TDs from USA and zcram had few medium t-34s, small tanks and AT guns + 1 katyusha. In the end there’s airborne. And of course infantry like in all USSR-USA games.

He overwhelmed my traps with the strong US infantry I had forgotten about. Then I was back and forth with inf/armour stalling, an affair which was concluded by 20+ light tanks and mobile AT ravaging towards my spawn. Capping and re-capping on my part was too slow.