s44 gource

the first few days produced by

gource . -s 0.75 -a 0.1 -i 1000000 -1280x720 --output-framerate 25 --disable-progress  --stop-at-end --output-ppm-stream - | ffmpeg -y -b 3000K -r 60 -f image2pipe -vcodec ppm -i - -vpre  libx264-default -vcodec libx264 s44.mp4

To use gource I had to git svn import a rsync’ed copy of the svn remote repo. If anyone’s interested I can make that available.

Before I do the full video, I’d like user avatars and music suggestions.

That live render/compression runs at 7-10fps btw.

Edit: Now with sound: filebin.graasmilk.net/s44_gource.mov


This is just trunk, right? Is there no way to include branches and mods?

I would use the avatar from the Spring forums for me, do you need a specific size/image format?

faust and zerg don’t have an avatar, I’ve had several, not sure about many of the smaller contributors. Nemo and yuritch have maintained the same one on the spring forums.

Should be possible to get everything via a git import using a non-standard layout.

Size doesn’t seem to matter as long as it’s square and anything imagemagick can convert to png would be fine.

FLOZi: just gimme everything you got/make one up for anyone w/o one. It’s not mandatory, I just think it’s cooler.

I take it war ensemble will be fine for everyone?







Koshi: :stuck_out_tongue:


Based on this list of contributors:
sourceforge.net/project/memberli … _id=215545

No avatar for jCanseco5, Journier, M_26_7 (Spiked/Zvero), and Tobi.

renamed as per

git log --pretty=format:"%an" | sort -u dirtclod evil4zerggin Evil4Zerggin felixthecat87 flozi FLOZi journier koshi0 m_26_7 neddie_ Neddie_ nemonobody NemoNobody s44-yuritch tobi_v


migth get to the full stuff tomorrow

HRPMF! For some reason gource doesn’t like neddie’s avatar image, crashing on first access.
There’s also good news tho. I found that you don’t need the repo on your disk. A properly formated log will do. So if anyone wants to try, just run ‘gource logfile’. The attached logfile was produced by a ‘stupid’ git svn import, ignoring branches, trunk and tags, taking them as directories w/o special meaning.

Doesn’t like animated gifs perhaps?

Of that I’m pretty sure. Converted it with imagemagick to a series of pngs and took the first one. Tried to convert that to jpg too, no dice.

Try this I guess.


That did it FLOZi, thanks.

No sound yet. Lemme know if it’s too fast, too much blomm, etc.

I think it is a little fast and a little too much bloom. Looking good otherwise. :slight_smile:

I like the bloom, but it is a bit fast. Good work though. Sadly, stutters on my EEE.

I didn’t see Finland, Italy, et al. in there - are they absent or just really small and near the trunk?