S44 bot

Neddie wanted a way to count accounts that originated from the s44 installer. The best i came up with was counting users that join #s44 and not #main

pm “metric” to S44bot to get current count

sources: springlobby.info/cgit.cgi/koshi/s44bot.git/

The bot is running on my server and access is limited. As in it’ll only answer to predefined users. These are currently [S44]Neddie,Nemo,[S44]Nemo
Anybody else who wants access, just gimme the lobby nick.

Also, if anyone has a better idea how to count do tell. (mergeable git branches preferred :slight_smile: )

I’d say, if you could give access to [S44]FLOZi, [S44]yuritch and [W]Evil4Zerggin that might be handy. Thank you for setting this up!


I’ve also made counting more restrictive, a user will now only be be counted if he’s not joining any of the channels s44bot is in besides #s44. (was getting some obvious false positives)
You can request the list now by pm’ing “users” to the bot

Awesome Koshi, thanks!

This is quite interesting. Some of the people I thought were coming to us via installer (and thus, I was thrilled that they were getting into the game) don’t seem to have done so.

just rememeber that they won’t get counted if they join main,newbies or springlobby at some point

started to revamp the bot using a database on the backend ( SQLAlchemy is awesome! ):
springlobby.info/cgit.cgi/ko … abb681d938

Currently it tracks all users and records the online sessions (begin/end).
Next I’ll port the rest of the functionality over and then I’m open for other data to record.
I’d very much like to leave the web based data processing part to someone else.
If no one’s up for that, I’ll still do it, might be quite some time until tho.

s44bot is dead

Rather than having two seperate bots, I’ve merged it into SL_bot. Usage wise nothing changes.

Despite saying otherwise earlier I did some experimenting with graphs (pychart).
I could now generate pngs (or anything else cairo supports for that matter) on demand / cron directly from the bot.
That is imo tons easier than having another app do the processing.
Besides stuff I’ll do for lobby stats, what would you guys want?
The data available: springlobby.info/cgit.cgi/ko … ntities.py (each class represents a db table with corresponding fields)
the info if a user is one of s44 is atm simply put as string in User.primary_game filed

example chart:[attachment=0]revisions.png[/attachment]

Could we track KP users as well? I think zwzsg might like to see it.

If we could track input in channel, as in, lines said per day per user, or even users per day saying things? More activity oriented tracking. I’m not sure, koshi, I’m so scattered right now.

Could? Certainly. Would I? I don’t think so. I’ve developed such a deep personal dislike for that dude, I don’t see me rendering any sort of help or offer infrastructure usage to him. I know it’s a whee bit petty, but there goes. He can ofc simply run his own bot, after all everything I do is FOSS.

Tracking open/played battles would be another idea I guess, but bibim does that already iirc. Either way I myself don’t have much time to invest atm, so for now just keep ideas coming.

Just wanted to say thanks, this is really cool to see, even if a bit depressing sometimes (how many ‘new’ faces are showing up in the channel but not in games).

I certainly understand, few people can tolerate him and he isn’t very nice to those who do.

Just a heads up: for consistency with the rest of the world all commands are now to be prefixed with !
I’ve also added some charting of the gathered data, a snapshot can be seen here: springlobby.info/charts/

Reminds me of a certain someone.


I forgot to tell you guys that I had to reset the database a couple days back (lobby session accounting was borked). If anyone is super interested in the last stats before the reset I would be able to dig them out of a db backup before the reset.

Edit: I also factored out the mod specific stuff into a separate plugin, which I forgot to commit, enable and configure on my remote >_>
–> no s44 stats since and for a bit until i’ve fixed that

I assume the stats are back up now?

I was thinking, it might be cool to have S44 ladder matches, upon completion, broadcast through the [S44]bot to the channel, in this kind of format…

Spring 1944 Ladder Match - (Insert Ladder Type) - Completed
(Match #) - (Map) - (Length Of Match)
Winners: (Name1) (NewScore 1) [(ChangeInScore1)] - (Name2) (NewScore 2) [(ChangeInScore2)]…
Losers: (Name6) (NewScore 6) [(ChangeInScore6)] - (Name7) (NewScore 7) [(ChangeInScore7)]…

Just an idea. I need to put up more Ladder page design stuff.

ups, I completely forgot about stats, sorry

Reporting thru [S44]Bot is impossible, but for LadderBot this would be possible. All it needs is to have a channel associated with a ladder.