S44 and spring 95

Test results:

  1. Water transports now work
  2. No flying inf encountered (but not enough testing done to be 100% sure)
  3. Console is spammed with:
[f=0000025] Warning: [ReturnFalse] deprecated field!

That repeats multiple times per frame. The only deprecated tag mentioned in infolog is isShield, I tried removing all references to it from S44 luas and error spam remains, so it’s something else.

Whole bunch;

springrts.com/phpbb/viewtopic.ph … 77#p546701

I found what causes the error spam. It’s the Team Platter Expanded widget (included with S44). If it is disabled, the spam goes away (and the team platters, too)

well, fingers crossed on the flying inf front. awesome that water transports are fixed. maybe I can fix the team platter widget, will take a peek at how broken it is.

It probably uses builder rather than isBuilder field

looks like yuri just fixed that one :slight_smile:

I fixed what I could find, but some deprecated fields are still accessed in there somewhere (not every frame though, so no spam). I have no idea where else to look, maybe in gadgets.
Engine error message is not very helpful as it does not specify which deprecated field was accessed.

Found and fixed some more of deprecated tags usage. Hopefully all of them this time (no warnings in test games).
Also SetUnitPieceCollisionVolumeData in hitvolumes gadget needed changes to its parameters.

:open_mouth: :astonished: :smiley:

I don’t know if it’s been noticed already or if it’s only happening to me, but deployed Mg’s and Guns look isometric and will only deploy to x or y axis, no components.

Very funny flat graphics, but the part of the deploy direction really buggers.

I should’ve checked somewhere to see if it’s already reported but I don’t know/remember where.

Yes, I can confirm this.
Also the guns seem to deploy in 1 of 4 cardinal directions only, no matter where your deploy order pointed. Select deployed guns and check their displayed fire arcs. Might be related to model distortion.

Looks like an engine bug to me, but maybe deploy gadget got broken?

Wild guess: deployed guns are treated as buildings by 95.0 and those are limited to 4 facings only, so any other facing gets rounded to nearest 90 degrees. Not sure why models gets distorted so.

oh man, yuck. that’s a bad one. I’ve been struggling to get my windows VM working on my mac after the mavericks upgrade, but I’ll spend some time today to get it going again so I can look into this stuff

Yeah rendering doesn’t account for buildings being forced to cardinal headings, seen distortions before, yuri is probably right wrt Spring thinking they are a building (but shouldn’t be the case if they don’t have yardmaps… doesn’t mean someone didn’t change that again)

Yep, it was yardmaps - removing them fixed deployed units. Already pushed, just need to make a build.

New bugs (found in a test game with JAL):

  1. Planes always land when low on fuel (and become unselectable) instead of flying back offmap. Looks like they just ignore the order to fly back when low on fuel (fixed by giving the fuel back in gadget)
  2. Deployed supply trucks need yardmaps removed (already fixed).
  3. This is logged when an aircraft enters the map:
Error: [UnitDefIndex] ERROR_TYPE for key "drag" in UnitDefs __index


got that on s44 .
with Ubuntu 13.10 (64bit),spring 95
ATI Radeon HD 5570

Our cursors have black transparent background, should not be affected by that. They are, however, not power-of-2 sized, maybe that’s causing problems on ATI (but why would it start doing that now, cursors were like that for a few years already)

I could play without hardware cursor before, but now ,since 0.94, it lags like hell.

Have you disabled deferred rendering?

I disabled v-sync (prolly that what you meant) , and i can play without hardware cursor on.