S:1944 v1.53RC4 1v1 hill_128

Players: se5a (GBR) <> zCram (GER)
Map: 1944_hill_128
Duration: 1h40m
Game version: 1.53RC4
Engine version: Spring
Awesome rating (out of 5): ****
Comments: I had critisized Nixa for making the passings less steep in the final version, but this game was pretty interesting armour-wize. Opponent cuts my advancements off several times, surrounding them in and so making effective counter-offencives. I personally feel that he sank too much c-income into planes, which didn’t reward his intentions very much.
Absence of a clear front seems to have been bad for the jagdpanzer variety.

His big issue (aside from ineffective planes, yeah) was just that he didn’t spend so much of his income. He had a massive income advantage for most of the game, but was very rarely making use of all (or even most of) it, with idle tank depots and air controls all over the place. Once you had a death-ball of panthers, his fate was pretty much sealed (despite the massive production and money advantage he had). Se5a also kept a pretty heavy focus on anti-inf tools like mortars and 95mm CS tanks, even when it became apparent that you were focusing on armor. I think if he had gone heavy Firefly/achilles in conjunction with lots of inf production, he could have shut you down. Instead, we saw Churchills, only a few achilles, and lots of partial attacks - he never applied all that economic advantage to pressure any particular point, it was always spread out.

Also, seems nobody likes the SP arty upgrade these days, for any nation (-sometimes- you see it for Sovs). Time to give some love to them, perhaps?

Yard upgrade: Very rarely nowadays, yes. TD is very sought after with any faction, because of longer ranges and better guns for less cost. Perhaps a solution would be to not fork the paths but rather facilitate the possibility to upgrade twice and get both TD and SP, for the same yard…?

Possible glitch I saw - the yard was producing while I could press the upgrade knob, then it stopped the production midways and started to ‘upgrade’. I’d rather see the upgrade order to be queable in the yard. Makes sense?

Another, if I remember correctly was for RUS, the SP upgrade buildpic changed to something inappropriate (I think onto it was spelled “MORPH”) when I cancelled the upgrade and reinitiated it.

About the replay: weren’t tigers more effective overall, compared to panthers? I lost several panthers, tigers on the other hand stayed on the arena much more firmly.

His mortars I think were built for the scouts - no way to get them other than training either mortar, machinegun or sniper squads. Same for the light armour - to catch my fire instead of my rounds hitting his better units, like they spend scouts during endgame in TA-based mods.

Found a bug. (British) halftrack doesn’t retreat with ‘go’ order when there’s enemy halftracks (or panzer?) in sight and/or attacking him. Have to be constantly clicking or it will by itself revert the order to ‘fight’ somehow and it will stay put and die.

SOLVED: this was to do with some half-arsed widget that IMO should be disabled by default.

If anyone can test SVN for this behaviour, it would be appreciated.