Russian model rifle !!!!!

General propose : build better graphs for weapons based in real model and more information about some kind of weapon in game . my sugestion : player may should chosse class of weapon for be used in game .

RUSSIAN Model AVT-40 Tokarev semiautomatic rifle # YAB4036 (7.62x54R), mfg. at Tula in 1943. Excellent non-refurbished condition with 95% original bluing and an unusually excellent bright bore. All serial numbers matching (bolt stamped-numbered on bottom of bolt-carrier handle, magazine not numbered), receiver not grooved for scope-mount, features 4-slotted muzzle-break and AVT stock. Includes cleaning-rod and 10-round magazine as well as non-refurbished Tula-made Bayonet and scabbard. Not import-marked, finding original non-import rifles in this condition is quite difficult.

RUSSIAN Model 91/30 SNIPER rifle # LA6661 (7.62x54R) mfg. at Izhevsk in 1944. An Excellent-PLUS rearsenaled genuine original PU-sniper with close to 100% bluing and a strong bright bore. All-matching numbers (the scope-mount electro-pencilled with both the rifle and scope numbers, the bolt, magazine-floorplate and buttplate stamped with serial-number lacking letter prefix), scope # 443102 has near-perfect optics and is correct for late Izhevsk snipers, original scope-number stamped on left side of barrel-shank buffed off before arsenal-refinishing. Stock is quite nice with that thick reddish-shellac that tends to chip and peel, a couple minor scrapes in finish from handling rather than use, else as perfect and example as one could expect to encounter. Includes original web-sling, leather end-caps and canvas cover for the scope. Has old Century import-marking lightly-stamped on right side of barrel.

GERMAN Model 98k bolt-action 8mm rifle # 9508 having TWO DEATH-HEAD markings (SS2 above the first, serpent above the second) on left barrel-shank, originally a Gewehr 98 rifle with markings atop receiver scrubbed (as usual), dated December 1938 at bottom of barrel-shank. A Russian-capture in excellent condition, small parts electropenciled to match receiver by the Russians. Barrel-bands and magazine-floorplate are milled, triggerguard is stamped, Bore is bright and strong, import-marked TG KNOX TN 98K 8MM GERMANY on bottom of barrel. Laminated stock has quite a few handling-marks with a faint eagle over H cartouche on right side and a cupped buttplate. Authenticity of SS markings guaranteed.

RUSSIAN Model SVT-40 semiautomatic Tokarev rifle # ZHA5849 (8x57mm) mfg. by Tula in 1941. Excellent-PLUS (as rearsenaled) condition with attached original 1943-dated SVT scope with excellent optics and original scope-mount. All numbered parts matching receiver. Bore is excellent and mirror-bright, has AVT-configuration stock. Receiver grooved for scope, notch for mount filed into top of receiver with numeral 4 stamped above it. Includes correct sling and leather end-caps. Could possibly be authentic, but we are not representing it as such. A repro SVT-40 sniper would cost at least this much to construct today. Not import-marked.

I’m not quite sure what you are getting at?

Most (i.e. the ones I did :wink:) S44 infantry weapons are already quite accurately modelled considering the scale:

I would like have acess from models weapons :slight_smile: … but i wish weapons have more details like you saw in picture … and S44 should have a generator weapon or something diferent for each battle for more realistc if you understand me :slight_smile: .

sorry for post in wrong place "im new in forum :frowning:


hummmm are you based in photo mode from weapon ? that model are good too … but may be good if you put details in future modeling :slight_smile: … another thing good may be done is bullet soldier in hand :slight_smile: type in enemy at gates :nerd:

eek, what’s ur poly limit?

It should be much, much lower, 204 tris is way too fucking much for a gun that is about 5 pixels in length.

Rubbish. :stuck_out_tongue:

eek, 204 tris being too much is a little harsh :stuck_out_tongue:

also, the links in the download section dont work :frowning: