Russian and US basic tank yards descriptions say "Advanced"

The unupgraded russian and US tank yards say in their descriptions “Advanced armor…” while the unupgraded tank yards from the other two factions/nations say “Basic armor…”. I agree that because of the sloping armor the T-34 is a little more advanced than the other mediums but I don’t see how the sherman is better than the average medium. Maybe it’s because the US tank yard also has tank destroyers? Regardless, I’m reporting it just in case it’s an oversight.

<3 Tot. I’ll fix these when I go home for lunch today.

Furthermore, the descriptions for the RUS and US tank yards upgraded to advanced mediums say “Basic…”. The description for the US tank yard upgraded to heavies says “ustankyard2”; likewise, the description for the GBR tank yard upgraded to heavies says “gbrtankyard2”. The description of the GER tank yard upgraded to advanced mediums says “Intermediate…” while the description of the GER tank yard upgraded to heavies says “Advanced…”.

I’m guessing at some point the names/descriptions for all units would have to be revised to make them consistent. In the end, inconsistent names/descriptions aren’t game braking but having a consistent scheme makes the end product have a more professional look, imho.

I’ll keep pointing out any inconsistencies just in case, though.