RSS/atom feed on site

Good day.

It’s definitely not a bug, but prehaps you guys would consider adding such a useful feature?

Right now I haven’t found any immediately available way to follow the mod progress and a feed for site news (or, if I may be so bold, another one, for new releases) would be very-very helpful here.
Surely, it should be quite trivial to implement.


+1 on that request, although in my own experience it isn’t always that trivial :slight_smile:

If this phpBB is recent enough though, then it should be easy to enable the built-in RSS feed(s).

I’m pretty sure it ain’t recent enough since I do not remember it being updated after moving to my host over a year ago.
As for news --> rss feed: while it looks as if that page was already some sort of news script for which indeed it would be trivial to add rss, it’s just a static page. Imo that bumps the matter from trivial to easy, putting a ‘real’ news script in as a replacement.

Actually, it might be enough to keep revisions tagged in svn on, so a simple script can watch new tags thus providing info on new releases at least.
Not that they aren’t now, although there doesn’t seem to be L1.07 tag :wink: