Rocket artillery particle effects

Please add an option to tone them down or turn them off completely. I had all my settings on low, when all of a sudden 10-20 rocket artilleries start firing on a vehicle I was scouting around with. The resulting FPS loss nearly got me disconnected from the server. The fire/smoke trail effects are way over the top. :open_mouth:

Me too. It lags on a 9800GT, which is bad. It shouldn’t lag on a 7800GT. But I heard that it’s just a case of the amount of time the trail is present or smth. I cant remember where I read it.

I’ve reduced the number of particle-frames by about two-thirds in SVN. Unfortunately, the hit effect is still rather expensive (mostly the curved smoke trails). I’ll get around to optimizing more CEGs someday.

well iam using a XFX Nvidia GeForce 9800GTX+ and every time i get a lag if i shoot with the nebelwerfer or sometimes i only get 10-15 max 25 FPS? man iam playing crysis on Very High with max 50 fps and min 20 fps and CoD4/5 with 80 fps around… i only have a AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ maybe thats why it laggs (cause the CPU cant calculate so fast as the Graphic card… maybe…)…

its just spring, it is not streamlined. one of the major things i hate about spring, is its lack of solid engineering for efficiency and constant updates of small code crap from all these people making unique requests.