Reverse movement

Just in case you missed, Kloot added reverse movement to the engine.

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I tried it on a Tiger with half the forward speed as reverse speed and it works epically good, so someone add the tag to all units already plz :mrgreen:

He made it so that if destination is behind the unit, Spring calculates automatically whether turning and driving forward will be fastest, or driving backward (based on speed and turn rate only currently, though it wouldn’t surprise me if acceleration, brake rate and current speed are factored in the calculation too before release :wink:) , and the unit will choose the fastest option.

As far as I have seen it will be exactly what is needed for properly retreating tanks in S44; for big distances everything is as it is now, while you can smoothly micro your tanks to retreat in reverse whenever that is desired.

I highly recommend trying it out :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks for bringing this up.

Any suggestions for reverse speed compared to forward speed?


I’d volunteer to do the text monkeying, but I guess pytdf would be rather more efficient. This is absolutely awesome.

Sherman reverse speed was apparently 3 mph (12% of max road speed), while tiger I was 1.8 (7.5% of max road speed). Finding data for more obscure tanks will probably be difficult, so I guess we should work from those. Short answer is ‘very slow.’ Rather faster for wheeled vehicles I imagine, though.

10% for tracked, 25% for wheeled, maybe?

Sounds good to me.

Daimler at least should be pretty nippy in reverse, it has 5 forward and 5 reverse gears. Here’s a quote regarding the Dingo (it’s smaller, ‘scout car’ brother)

and the DAC itself

Some armored cars (already mentioned Daimler, the whole German 8-wheeler family and some others) were fitted for double controls. That means they had a control post at either end of vehicle, and their gear box was able to provide same gears in both forward and reverse direction. So for those there really is no difference which way is the front. Plus that probably should mean a bit of bonus HP as losing one of the driver posts isn’t fatal for them.
Most tanks, however, had only 1 reverse gear (compared to 3-5 forward gears). That means quite slow in reverse mode.

Generally that’s a very cool new feature that goes along well with our directional armor. Now maybe the Archer should be made like it was supposed to be (with the gun pointing backwards)? :wink:

Perhaps the Archer would work best with the gun pointing forwards and a higher reverse speed than forward. Depends how well the engine would cope with the rearwards pointing gun.

I tested with reverse velocity equal to half the forward velocity; this way the tank would drive in reverse if I clicked within 8-10 tank lengths behind it. (rough guess, and no Spring here to test again.)

I’d suggest to do test those low percentages in game though before applying to all units.

Possibly with 10% you have to put waypoints so close behind the tank that it becomes too micro intensive to actually use reverse movement, so it may be desired to deviate a bit from the reality. (Although the low turn rate may provide a decent minimum distance on which driving in reverse is the faster option, even for reverse speed 10x lower than forward speed.)

Heh, I wonder how well this feature even copes with higher reverse speed than forward speed.

I fear the forward speed will still be the overall max speed, and the unit will just always choose to move in reverse if the waypoint is behind it (even if the waypoint is on other end of map but just slightly in the half of the map that is behind the unit). No clue how well chasing enemy units would work with this configuration.

Now is the time though to suggest improvements so if you find crappy behaviour in certain cases do report it :slight_smile:

Lets apply this sucker and start having games on new engine builds…that way I can also start plugging on LuaCob conversion (todo list suddenly got large <_<)

I think I’ll do a blanket 50% reverse speed just for testing then.

Just tested reverse movement. Map: Conquest of Paradise. Units: T-60, T-70, SU-76, Tiger, Panther, Jumbo.
Results: both T-60 and T-70 decided to cross the whole map (top left to bottom right) in reverse mode (provided they faced the other way at the time the order was given)! Other tanks only used reverse on short move orders. Something seems to be odd.
Also, I noticed the ships have no reverse speed defined. IMO most of them (except small motor boats like PG-117 and pontoon rafts) should get it, because ships are quite capable of reversing. A factor of 0.5 would be a good approximation for ship’s reverse speed.


I can confirm it actually with other tanks too, seems to happen if the waypoint is straight behind so the unit would need to do a full 180 degree turn to move forward.

I didn’t know that about ships; anyway they have reverse now too.

Btw don’t bother making wheels spin in right direction yet; I’m doing some work on this already in my Lua unit script test code.