Rev N/A - Katyusha can fire unending stream of rockets

First off, just played with some Katyushas for the first time in an actual game, and they are fucking brilliantly awesome and hilarious.

Problem, though. If you sit them next to ammo, they will fire non-stop indefinately as they’re immediately reloaded. The result is a steady, relentless stream of rockets which, sufficed to say, can obliterate absolutely anything.

Also, it seems a bit too accurate. Actually, far too accurate. I was able to “snipe” buildings with them quite easily (which resulted in almost immediate death).

Also, they need proper script so that a) their firing point changes down the rocket rails, b) rockets appear/disappear as they’re fired/reloaded.

Changing reloadtime=30; to reloadtime=300; should fix the endless rocket stream problem. I’m sure reloading the launcher took more than half a minute, it probably could be done in 5 minutes however.

Has been fixed in the gadget, hopefully (rev 458). Changing reloadtime would not have fixed it by itself, but is worthy of consideration. 30 seconds isn’t that long, really.