Rev 280 reasonably epic replay

flozi vs me, SVN rev 280

USSR vs Germany

We both thought that this was an excellent game, despite a few bugs (StuGs refusing move orders, SU-76s lacking weapons). I’d welcome other thoughts - this is the first game with all the recent turret turnrate, LoS, reloadtime and range changes. Everything seemed really good to me as far as balance and gameplay go, but perhaps I’m just doing the “post game glow” thing.

Fun things to note - when I had an ISU-152, 3 ZiS-2s, and some partisans holding the peninsula against flozi’s tiger and stugs, I sent an ammo truck there to support them. It did so, and the 152 started hitting for massive damage. However, it started popping up on flozi’s radar, so he promptly bombarded that whole area, killing my ZiS-2s and ammo dump, leaving the ISU-152 to run out of ammo and be overwhelmed shortly after.

Please note any unit interactions that seem really amiss. In general I think this was a great game (note that neither of us felt the need for a 2nd bax!, and still had really solid infantry numbers! of course I had partisans, but yeah.) or general problems with pace/balance/whatever.

I know the econ is still really borked. However, I’m not as worried about it now as I was - it will be fixed.

Actually i spotted the Zis’ and bombarded the ghosts.

And I had a second bax. :stuck_out_tongue: You just couldn’t tell because i didn’t handle my inf well at all.