Rev 1054 + C.R.A.I.G. = the spam of God and RPG-43 questions

Rev 1054 eliminated unit restrictions which is fine but it makes C.R.A.I.G. really difficult to beat. Without restricting the number of factories the AI can build, you don’t really stand a chance unless you win very early.

In an unrelated topic, is the russian heavy anti-tank infantry (RPG-43) still supposed to have its submachinegun? The model has the submachinegun but the unit won’t fire it. Furthermore, it uses the gun to fire the RPG-43s instead of throwing them.

Lastly, AT infantry from the other factions can attack vehicles, infantry and structures but the RPG-43 can only attack vehicles. Would it make sense to allow the RPG-43s to attack structures?

In LuaRules/Configs/craig/buildorder.lua (end of the file) AI-only soft unit limits can be set. (C.R.A.I.G. will skip the item in it’s buildorder when it has the specified amount [or more] of the limited unit.)

So maybe it’s an idea to put the 3 barracks limit in there… (I assume removal of the other limits didn’t make C.R.A.I.G. any better…)

I suppose it would.

Why do they also not have their PPSh anymore? If that is the case then their grenade should also be able to attack infantry.

Because when they decloaked to fire the PPSH they got instantly owned, thus making them very easy to counter (way easier than other nations’ AT inf).

RPG-43 teams also come out of the barracks in maneuver while the other faction’s AT teams come out in hold position.

RPG-43 teams can now fire at buildings and infantry but they cannot be force-fired at the ground while the rest of the faction’s AT teams can be force-fired at the ground. Not a terrible bug but I think consistency is a good thing.