Retention/download numbers

So in my infinite boredom at work, I’ve been compiling stats from our various hosts, and was shocked at some of our download numbers. To be specific, how high they are. I feel like our issue at this point isn’t exposure so much (although more is always better) but getting the people who do download the game into the lobby and playing games.

Luettich installer+game file had roughly 16,000 over its course
Lyuban already has ~8900 (released in late may). Game file alone for Lyuban was in the range of 2500.

So the dialogue I was hoping to open is this - we’re getting fairly high numbers of downloads, but they are just not making it into the lobby.

Obviously no silver bullet here, and I understand that the majority of people are not looking for multiplayer most likely, but my goal is basically to create a bigger community around the game (multiplayer being a secondary goal, singleplayer being something of a means to those ends).

Ideas we’ve already talked about:

    1. A web based mission/campaign system (to keep people coming past the homepage as they progress through the missions).
    1. Cash prize tournaments/tournaments in general (not likely to appeal to newbie types, but perhaps still worthwhile for getting general interest up)
    1. Multiplayer campaign style events (basically a very specialized tournament run in teams)
    1. Tutorial missions

Some brainwaves of mine:

    1. Use the home page to schedule events for newbies - try to set times for people to come into the lobby and get games with other newbies or as part of a team with experienced people. Say a weekly or biweekly event.
    1. Peripheral events using the game master tools; setting up cool scenarios for people to run as a one-off event (probably done more easily using mission editor). And/or smaller things like deathmatch style tank squadron duels (spawn with 4-5 tanks, fight!) or dogfighting.
    1. will add more as it occurs to me

Well im thinking about to make a German Game review as movie on youtube. But the game isnt finished yet. So i think to make this after the next release. They arent that much videos on you tube yet and i think we can win some german gamers for it. The most people like the Wiki article i wrote about the game but it isnt released/finished yet. Im also sure that we can win more Interrests on LinuX side. Because there arent that much games for ubuntu special RTS games. Americas Army is one of the best games for it as FPS.

So I’m figuring that probably the best way to accomplish this is to put together a pretty engaging single player experience. I threw together a bunch of ideas while I was on the train this last weekend, which I’ll try to organize and post at some point today.

My basic feeling is that while we’re surely losing a lot of people to interface/navigation problems, we’re losing even more because there’s no obvious way to play without playing against a human, so a decent single player should help to address that. Tie that to some kind of website integration, and I think we’ll see a much much larger number of people hanging around here.