[resolved] CRAIG


I feel confused about reporting a bug on craig, because i remember reading a post which explained that craig was broken with the last spring version, more or less after Lyuban 1.07 were released, but i can’t refind that post. I pursue this report because the Craig buggy behavior has changed for me.

I’m currently playing locally with SVN version, and newer spring, but when Craig was broken after 1.07, Craid simply didn’t do anything.

Currently, when i add a Craig player, SPRING won’t load at all, reporting "ABORTED(SIGABRT) (with svn & lyuban). NullAI works fine with spring:1944, and others mods with others AI works fine.

So i was wondering if the problem was solved, but not for me :wink:

I have the spring:1944 svn version installed, the Lyuban 1.07 and the PRE-M + CRAIG 3.02.

I play on Linux Ubuntu 9.10 64 bits with an Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTS.
spring-engine version :
springlobby version : 0.63-0ubuntu1

Thanks to all the talented contributors of this great game, your labor is very apreciated.

When playing with spring engine I also crash when trying to start a game against CRAIG, while when I install again, it works fine.

Dunno, I have played SVN perhaps a couple of latest days now, and the ai works fine, really. With the ‘new’ engine. I utilise only linux tho, maybe it is broken for win?

Ok, i downgraded spring-engine to 0.80.5-0ubuntu2, and i can load the game with craig again, tough craig won’t produce or attack, again. Does it work for you?


I installed spring-engine newer spring and CRAIG is now fully functionnal with Lyuban & SVN. :slight_smile:

I had this, too
I am not sure why this comes up… anyways i upgraded to the last engine release and it works fine…

…but CRAIG surrenders from the beginning… <_< quite anyoing.

Anyways I am sure those problems will be fixed