resbar Widget

So I’m going to try to improve the resbar widget. Currently the two main issues that I’ve heard are:

  1. It often obscures the chat.
  2. Icons are fugly.

Please post any suggestions here. Some points:

  • I’m probably going to make it fixed-position and size. This is an RTS, not an OS.
  • Do people prefer vertical or horizontal bars?

I decided to go horizontal again; otherwise that gap above the chat is wasted. Basic widget is up. Still need to do icons and tooltips.

I did commit some icons, would you like other ones? They’re in the Images folder.

Those should be sufficient at least for now; I’ve put them in.

Make sure it properly resizes according to resolution!

If you’d like me to create some sort of background for it, let me know. It’d be really nice if we had atleast a semi-professional GUI feature with a proper background and whatnot, rather than just a bar with an icon beside it.

Yeah, that was one of the main points of the widget update; the size is now based on the screen size rather than being a fixed number of pixels.

As for the background, if you or Neddie makes one it should be trivial to put in.

I’m planning out a full GUI which will include the resource bars. When I finish mapping out what needs to be done and how it will look at different resolutions, then we will have a professional GUI for you and I to fill out with textures and icons. The bottleneck will be the Lua.

I hope this includes a well planned ‘unit-gui’ as i call it. i.e. health bars, suppression indicators, rank icons, ammo etc etc :slight_smile: