requested GBR demo

players: camo&Jal vs Lowdive&Rafa
version: MG 1.5
engine: spring

I was fighting Lowdive ,he had US,with gbr by focusing on infantry .

JAL - my take away from that game mostly is that you got outplayed pretty seriously. Lowdive did a good job of making use of support units (mortars/snipers) in a way that kept his losses in the lower part of the map pretty low - look at his active units chart, and you’ll see there were pretty few points where he took a big hit in terms of infantry numbers.

Playing like infantry are super disposable as GBR tends to lead to loss in a fairly short time - their strength lies in keeping a core army alive by playing conservatively and using brenwalls to pin down enemy troops while adding to it over the course of the game; if they get caught in a descending spiral of losses and (this thus more frequently outnumbered and thus heavier losses) it is time to bring in new units (vehicles or guns or air or whatever) to reverse that trend.

Attached are the game end graphs for active units and damage received - JAL (GBR) is blue, lowdive (US) is green

players:BRA faction vs Aurix & Rafa & Faceless
version: MG 1.5
engine: spring
map: 1944_titan

Mass infantry vs 2 opponents while my allies were dreaming.
I used US , even vehicles and tanks didnt stop me.

Are we watching the same game? I just watched a demo where you threw huge amounts of infantry into a MG maw and didn’t get anywhere with them until you had a lot of tank destroyers, tigers/T-34s/etc. I mean, yes, their early vehicles didn’t slow you down that much because they used them in pretty ineffective ways - sniped by AT guns, rushed into enemy tanks, etc. Still…the effectiveness of your big swarms of infantry down the center there was not exactly a standout for me.

Look at the active units graph - around 25 minutes is when you started pushing into the maw of MG/halftrack defense with pretty much unsupported infantry attacks, while 38 minutes is about when you started using heavy support of various kinds.

The center german player made the same mistake that you did in the first game - he threw small clusters of infantry into a giant enemy army (with move orders, even worse), so he was short on infantry for pretty much the entire game.

I pushed back because supplied mg42 r deadly and german HQ has a fearsome supplyradius, but look at my flags wich i already had and i was doing the work of my ally in the north while i was suppressing the center.