Release Goals (Beta 0.3)

[size=200]Updated September 23rd, 2008[/size]

It’s time to gear up for release, so here we go. I don’t think we’ll be seeing any more changes to central game mechanics from here on out (with the exception of new units). Most of our work now is polish (animations, UI, skins, cursors), missions, and marketing.

Things that are finished will be green.
Things that need testing will be blue.

[size=200]Public Relations/Marketing[/size] - Nemo is working on finding someone to do this.

This is now an official ‘to-do’. I’m thinking it would be good to alternate weekly updates between and moddb, so we encourage traffic between the two (mostly from moddb to S44, but yeah). So week 1 is a update, week 2 is moddb update, week 3 is S44 update, week 4 is moddb, ect, ect. Those are for newsposts or vids. Screens should ideally be going up every week. Frontpage:

  • News/status updates (biweekly)
  • Media (screens)


  • Newsposts (biweekly)
  • Screens
  • Videos

Our forum

  • Encourage more activity via more frequent WIP postings and such.

Other potential places to market

  • Identify said places (freegamer blog, WWIIForums, ect, ect)
  • Include them in the media circuit
  • Crosspost videos to youtube

[size=200]General polish[/size]
[size=125]UI Improvements - FLOZi/Yuritch?[/size]

  • Label the resources properly (perhaps separate them so its clear they aren’t totally different elements of play?) using a nicer looking bar
  • Clean up the various placeholder elements of the UI (supply radius, flag stuff, ect).
  • Generally give it a uniquely “S44” look which suits the rest of the game (we want to look like a game, not a mod)

[size=125]New cursors and cursor animations - Neddiedrow[/size]

[size=125]Infantry script re-write - Nemo[/size]
Current task: Crawling animation

  • Framework solidification
  • Engineer building animations.
  • Grenade animation
  • Prone animation
  • Idle animations
  • Death animations

[size=125]Add in a visible supply range for supply units[/size]
Wooo flozi! now we just need some eyecandy/way to tell the player that the circle is supply-related.

[size=125]Unfinished skins - Spiked[/size]
Current task: Sexton

[size=200]Game mechanics/Balance changes:[/size]
[size=125]Sort out implications of infantry script changes (crawling under fire) - Nemo[/size]

[size=125]Lua’d flags (flozi)[/size]
Essentially done! awaiting gameplay feedback.

Aircraft are being postponed until after the coming release. There are just too many additional bits to work on/consider in balance.
[size=50]Aircraft - Nemo (setting up fuel/ammo limits)
Until we have AA units for all sides, aircraft will exist as a modoption (since they’ll work fine for teamgames - just that for 1v1 having ground attack craft without AA available makes planes an instant win button).

I’m not optimistic about including aircraft in the next release, given that we need AA units in the game before we can really have aircraft.

Fighters: Yak-3, P-51, Bf109, Spitfire.
Fighter Bombers: Spitfire, Fw190
Ground Attack: IL-2 (unskinned), P-51[/size]

[size=200]Scenarios/Missions - (Nemo/FLOZi/Spiked) [/size]
[size=120]Multiplayer scenarios:[/size]
Caucasus Skirmish
Very nearly done. Just need some visual polish for the various text bits.

Desert Encounter (working title)

Barely started. Unit set for the British side has been picked out.
To do:

  • pick out German starting units,

  • get objectives working,

  • set up various results for various objective capture outcomes (including potential for ‘scorched earth’ and incentives to use/not use said strategy).

  • Balance balance balance!

[size=120]Single player missions:[/size]

  • Determine number and scope (just tutorial missions, or a really serious one?)
  • Make them

[size=200]New player help mechanism - Spiked[/size]
Sort out how our help system is going to work and implement it/write content.

[size=200]Bug fix to-do[/size]
Fill 'er up!

[size=200]Other stuff/Low priority[/size]

Rigging tanks for fancy death FX? (Whoever Nemo finds to force into working on this)

  • Done German vehicles

More FX in general? (Whoever Nemo finds to force into working on this)

Updated today: June 15th, 2008.

Cleaned up the old unit lists and redefined some of the things that have been finished or reexamined. Added new build tree approach. Assigned tasks (mostly to me :frowning: )

Updated June 17th, 2008.

New balance to-dos and some things completed.

Updated June 18th (I swear work will slow down soon).

Committed range, reload, LoS nerfs for cannon/MG weapons and vehicles, respectively.

Also committed infantry speed-up.

Updated June 18th again - added bugfix to-do list. Feel free to add to this if you think of any other bugs that are not already known or part of another project (like the ammo icons bugs are part of the ammo icon work).

Updated June 22nd - fixed the black squares on explosion FX, and a few other little things I’ve found (ranges, ect).

Also a first shot at fixing the metal economy - reduced flag output by 20%, cut the max amount it can gain to 2x normal, made it increase more slowly, gave all commanders +20 metal production.

As for removing the turn script from turretless units: maybe we should put it back, but make it only activate if the unit is in ‘Hold position’ mode? It’s possible to detect via script. Like that (I assume 0 is hold position, which seems logical but needs testing):

while(heading <= 0-TURNRATE)
heading = heading + TURNRATE;
sleep 30;

while(heading >= TURNRATE)
heading = heading - TURNRATE;
sleep 30;

The problem is that when the script is active, it causes the unit to ignore all player commands. I may add it back in, but have startmoving send a signal that kills it (which may not work, but I know that player move orders call startmoving).

Updated June 24th, 2008.

Added several new things to do (mostly for flozi >_>) such as german HQ bunker fixing, default fight command fixing, button hiding (on/off buttons and cloak/decloak buttons), and the suppression/fear changes marked to test.

Updated June 26th, 2008.

Fixed a bunch of little bugs from the game last night. Fortunatly I was wrong about being able to see enemy ammo icons.

Updated! Saturday, August 23rd, 2008.

Few things to add:

  • Ammo supply visualisations Rudimentary system in place
  • New british (and commonwealth?) acks
  • New flag icon circularthingy.tga will do for now imo

Updated Sept 20th, 2008.

Updated Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008.

Added UI elements to the to-do list.