release checklist

after forgetting to update the buntu package from 1.06 to 1.07 until nemesis reminded me yesterday, I think it prudent to write stuff down (at least for myself). Feel free to add.

S44 Release Only

  • build new installer
  • upload installer to SF
  • update portable installer (which i’ve yet to finish)
  • put new mod archive into buntu dir, update changelog, build source package, dput to ppa

Engine Release

  • use update script to replace base files etc. in installer and portable
  • test sync with official installer
  • copy spring packages from spring dev ppa (obsolete with karmic?)
  • change dependency in buntu package for s44

Also, someone tell me what’s wrong with the bbcode markup please.

you can’t put the title within the [list] block, fixed it for you