Recovering (Resurrecting) and Salvaging (Reclaiming)

Just think this deserves some thought for the future.

It’d be nice if salvaging could give you a little bit of logistics depending on what is being salvaged. An abandoned vehicle for instance should be able to be salvaged to give you a bit of ammo as you recover unspent ammunition and fuel and whatnot.

As for Recovering, we should have it. There are always plenty of abandoned tanks out there that a recovery vehicle could go and revive, as well as heavy-duty salvage burnt wrecks to get them out of the way.

I made a lua that at game start makes a copy of each vehicle for each nation and sets it’s sound set to one of that nation. So if a German player recovers a T-34, it will speak German. Currently that bit is not activated, since nothing is able to recover units yet.

THAT, sir, would be awesome.

Recovering is going to be a primary dynamic for Finland, in fact they may be able to do it with infantry.

On the whole, I agree with you Spiked, it is awesome.

My script produces unitdefs like that: RUST60 -> GERT60, GBRT60, UST60, each with _TANK soundset. This assumes each country has a soundset of that name ofcourse.
1 more bit of lua is needed - a gadget that will intercept ‘unit resurrected’ events (not 100% sure how, probably as UnitCreated and then check some condition) and replace the unit with its ‘localized’ copy if the resurrecting party is of different nationality.