RC5 replays!

Players:Godde, DORK, Zleep, Deathnight vs Pintle, JAL, se5a, Blackdutchie
Game version:MG 1.52 RC5
Engine version: 0.82.6
Awesome rating (out of 5): ****
Comments: First game of RC5, looks good so far. Wide range of units used: pintle/se5a showing off british advancement behind the rolling wall of artillery fire, JAL with heavy air usage, dutchie with…needs more SU85! tanks showed up fairly late in the game, and while certainly powerful, didn’t seem to dominate like they have in MG/RC4.

I tried to bomb a group of 3 vehicles but my bomber passed them 3 times , bombing vehicles is not allowed?

Players:Godde, JAL
Map:Wide Pass modless v.01
Game version:MG 1.52 RC5
Engine version:
Awesome rating (out of 5): *


US strong start in Godde’s hands is terrible.

Next time you guys play, can you swap sides (so godde plays germany and JAL plays US)? These games are hard to get useful information from, as it is fairly hard to figure out how much of the result is due to godde just being a better player, and how much might be due to a problem in faction balance.

I tried to beat Godde and not to proof something , i thought germany is good in that map, plz watch replays in order: fast one was the 1st , with woky last one. The 1st one was total fail from my side.

Players:Lowdive, JAL
Game version:MG 1.52 RC5
Engine version:
Awesome rating (out of 5): ***


Maybe i should have build some AT infantry earlier , but if he played a bit more agressive (build some TD) my vehicles wouldnt have pushed him back.