Rank widget

Is awesome, sweet work Neddie & Zerg. One note:

I might shrink the scale down a bit? Exp in the 50-100 range occurs just about never - an extreme example of killing a Tiger II yields 20exp to an AT guy.

Otherwise, very cool.

Edit: also, one of the american ranks doesn’t use transparency around it…I’ll get a screen from my laptop when I get back.

I saw a 68 exp infantryman once… only once… forgot what he was, though.

I forgot to update one of the American ranks–apparently alpha is ignored for images in the grayscale colorspace.

One note: it’s not a straight function of XP; right now ranks are based on xp * sqrt(power/100) IIRC (since small units tend to get lucky more often). I might tweak it some more later. Unfortunately our internet at home is out right now; someone decided to steal our cable splitter by cutting ALL of our cables.

I kinda feel that the ranks are now far too small, invisible at all but photo distance.

I’ll tweak sizes again sometime, maybe make them based on unit radius. Anybody who isn’t satisfied with the size can also copy the widget to their user folder and tweak iconSize near the top of the file. However, note that this widget doesn’t remove itself in other mods, which may or may not be what you want. I’ll probably add a variable to set the default rank set (currently it reads the beginning of unitnames to determine which rank set to use).

Ranks are progressing well. I’ll replace one I botched, and Zerg needs to add one more. After that we may add Warrant Officers simply because England had an epically cool rank for that.