Ranging/adjustment/spotting fire and fire for effect

Another element of real life warfare makes it into S:44 :smiley: . Did I mention that I really, really, really like this game? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have some questions, though. How does a “zeroed in” arty piece lose the extra accuracy? Does it lose it when it stops firing? How long must it cease fire before it needs adjusting fire again? Will it remain “zeroed in” if I start firing on another part of the battlefield where I also have LOS coverage?

Pretty sure Nemo said it loses it’s accuracy as soon as it changes target or if LOS on zeroed target is lost.

That is what I remember as well. The latter may not make perfect sense, but if you assume that the gun immediately focuses on a new target, then the original targeting would be lost.

The original plan was to give guns a ‘memory’ three places deep, so it could be zeroed in on several areas and switch between them (or rather, those three general places, not the specific attack orders), but I ran into implementation problems and concerns about how easily it could be used to wipe out a base, so for now it is a very simple implementation:

You give artillery an attack order IN LoS: it starts counting down from 20, firing for effect. Once that countdown hits 0 (20 seconds is about the same amount of time as 2-3 rounds, so the ‘artillery binary search’ is represented - thanks yuri!) the gun becomes dramatically more accurate -for that exact attack order only-. If the gun is given a new attack order OR that location loses LoS, the gun reverts to standard bombardment-style fire.

Firing on a spot that is NOT in LoS is the same as it was, with the exception that if the target location enters into LoS the countdown will begin.

If LoS is lost during the countdown, it resets.