Range and reload mod options

Thanks to yuri, we have two mod options (well, I added the reload one, but he did the bulk of the work) that let us play with the feel of the game very easily.

Basically, when hosting a game in TASclient, check the modoptions tab and set the multipliers for scaling range and reload how you’d like.

The main point of this being to experiment with generally a bit smaller ranges, and generally higher reloads (smallarms and smallarms fear weapons are exempt from the reload scaling).

Of course it also means you can have full-auto howitzers, but that’s just silly >_>

So for people looking to test, take these figures and play around with them a bit and see if you can come up with ones that feel good - priorities going to making infantry more survivable (hence higher reload for cannon weapons) and emphasizing unit positioning/usage a bit more (smaller ranges).