Hello, I have been playing 1944 for a while but this is my first forum post. I was wondering if the dev team was thinking of including trains in 1944 at some point in the future. I have always felt that trains are overlooked in RTS’ of WWII even though they played a major role in transporting troops and supplies. The size of some of the maps I have seen make me think that in large maps they would be strategically important since they can haul a lot more than a blitz.

Hiya Britkit,

Railroads probably wouldn’t fit into S44’s scale, but I can totally see railroads being a part of a metagame (like a ‘European continent multiplayer campaign’, for example).

There are WW2 RTS’s with railroads, not very new though. Example: Blitzkrieg.

RTS scale is poorly suited for rail transportation, but armored trains do appear from time to time in games.

Men of War does also have Trains as far as I know.