Quite long FFA game on rysia with flash^H^H^H^H^Htank spaem


Duration= 4 hrs on the replay, but it was actually played for 5 hrs and 40 minutes (with reduced speed because my cpu couldn’t keep it up with the planes and tanks and other things).

S:44: Pre-M v200
Map: rysia.smf


Replay is compressed with 7-zip, available from: sevenzip.sourceforge.net/

Thank You for watching.

One thing obvious I saw in that game is that russians could not retake flags easily in north-west.

That was not a big problem in that game because it was a long game (so there were tanks, particularly the IS 2). but in smaller maps, Russians have serious problems at begin to take flags and build up inf production fast.
An enemy who harass you at begin with inf spams (particularly an US one) will reclaim your flags fast, but you (as russian) you will retake them only slowly. (once tanks appear then it is less a problem)

Other factions often just move their infantry lines blindly to take flags, russians have some additional micro they need to call a commissar etc…