Puma, meow

Meow mix meow mix.

Cool, at least a new unit. Haven’t been one for a few months already :slight_smile:

cant wait to see this revolutionary thing in-game xD

What usually happens when I start doing a texture is that I start off saying to myself “Man, I’m going to spend extra time and effort and really make this the best texture I’ve ever done”. A couple hours later though I’ll get sick of it and just want to finish it as quickly as possible. So remember this when I’m done, you’ll see that the turret is the best part of the texture.

turret “complete”

okay more complete, i made the hatches mutch less pronounced and decreased the size of the vision ports on those hatches by a bit.

well i have the same problem xD when i try to texture something xxD

Anyways it looks great!


awesome! more :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

water in mouth

Are you by any chance a scale model builder? :stuck_out_tongue: I love the weathering. Can’t wait to see this one in-game.

I fiddle with painting Warhammer miniatures from time to time

Almost done

getting there

another angle




sexy ;D

Hmm can’t wait to see that thing in action. Certainly a very fine work! :slight_smile:

It’s included in build v240, go get it in #s44 lobby channel.