Proposal for the upcoming aircraft system

As far as I’ve understood, the aircraft will be called in from an off-screen location, entering the map from the edge nearest to the calling player’s base. In many senses, this is a good way of implementing aircraft in my opinion. For all current 1944 maps, airfields would be too large, too vulnerable and generally too annoying to be practical to possess.

However, I think an airfield-based aircraft system would be neat for larger maps. It would add to strategy; it’d be a major installation that needs a safe location and protection, as well as a priority target for the enemy, just like fusion reactors or nuclear missile silos in TA. Such important key locations/targets make the game more interesting IMO. It’d make aircraft more controllable in large maps, as you’d have them landed in your base and could send them off without delays. You’d fully control the path the aircraft will fly in through, which is more significant in larger than smaller maps.

I propose to add the airfield-based aircraft system alongside the call-in system. A server setting would determine which system to use, different maps perhaps having default options either based on size or some setting determined by the mapper in the map itself.

I believe this is not a bad suggestion, though the implementation of the option should be secondary to other core concerns.

I considered this at one time and then decided against it for some reason. Or Nemo did. I forget.

Could it be reconsidered?

Zerg and I have been discussing it, doesn’t seem feasible at this point, but if we had bigger maps and a better map format… well.