Proof -You can win by Defending! Epic 2:45Hr. 2 Bot Battle

Here is proof that you can win by defending. Well, of course you have to attack, but in the way this game was set up, defense is mandatory at the start of play, and largely throughout.

Maximum units is set to 333. X 3 players = total maximum of 999 units.
C.R.A.I.G. difficulty is set to Medium (some resource cheating) and I have a 40% bonus. Bots have 0% bonus. (I tried it with 0% bonus and it failed horribly. Then i tried it with 10, then 20, then 30, then 40%; this was the final winning battle).

Note: I could have done things like use Air, which bots don’t know how to use, or I could have barraged where I knew his base was with artillery. However, I did not, as I wanted to make it more of a challenge.

From the start it is a race to setup defenses or else you will get overrun, as I learned in the other trials with a lower bonus.

I had earlier also played this map with the Bot difficulty set to Easy, and everyone with 0% bonus, and I was able to win through similar strategy.

Saying that you can defend against a CRAIG that didnt even go for your flags doesnt mean that you can do the same to a human player and expect to win.

Lol, yes this is true. However, this supports my idea of getting rid of flags, or changing the way they work, as a means of gaining command, as it leads to more epic battles when the odds are evened.

Not really.

Depending on the map and faction, winning a defensive fight against C.R.A.I.G. is not that hard. On Road to Rome it’s very productive in a NW vs. SE 1v1 because the AI only utilizes 2 or 3 routes through the diagonal center depending on the side (3 if AI is NW, 2 if AI is SE). It is a battle early on to maintain control of those choke points, but generally it can be done through use of MG nests, mortars, AT infantry, snipers, scouts, mines, and in the case of the US and Sovs flamethrowers and partisans respectively. Move in supply trucks to keep the fire rate up and then get some light vehicles and guns in place, and you can probably hold out till the cows come home. In fact, sometimes I’ll leave the game running for hours at that point just for the sake of seeing how high unit experience scores can go. With the Sovs I can get this to work on Prokhorovka because they can spit out infantry and partisans fast enough to hold the line at 4 or 5 broad crossing points in the early game; with other factions it generally fails pretty miserably.

In general I try to do a high-resource approach that combines a porc-like approach to defense (except the linchpins of that defense are mobile units, like SP arty. mobile AA, and advanced tanks) while building up a classic armored spearhead formation in my rear, which I will eventually run through a weak flank or recently-blasted hole in the lines. Then, while the armored spearhead is playing merry hell behind my opponent’s lines, the heavy hitters I’ve been using for my defenses will clear the benches and advance down the pike.

Overall I like the flag system. It forces you to hold a good chunk of the map from the get-go rather than porc up in a corner until you get tanks.