Promotion of Spring1944


I do this topic to organize promotion of Spring1944.

There is already @ThinkSome topic about next release. Suggest anything which could be interesting for promotion, or any article which speak of Spring1944, what you did (if you have something to do with this article or not), videos, promotional tools, conference we could make… everything you want.

cc @Spring1944-Team

I had the idea of producing Gameplay of SPring1944 and stream which we could publish on For example we could do one game per week and add it on this. There are different advantages :

  • Many users/players are on steam and watch stream (Game discovering…)
  • We can earn some money to pay ThinkSome server and dev.
  • We have ONE place where we can have it.

Other thing, I contacted GamingOnLinux and I saw that we could do stream and promote them on GamingOnLinux which have already its community.
Comment would be fun too, and more attractive to players. We just need to organize it, but before that, I wait for your feedbacks.

I guess we (you?) could start streaming non-commented games for a start? Easiest to do…

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Yes, you are right. Well, I will begin with a short video, and then a direct stream on twitch. Or if someone wants to do it. I have now a good computer, so perhaps it’s better I do it. I don’t know.