Problems with FPS Control Mode

Hi all!

Spring: 1944 Version 2787
Map: Bocage
Faction: Germany

  1. If you select an infantry unit and try to take control the unit will start “shaking” the whole time, even after you left the fps mode. After giving the unit a movementorder everything is fine again. (Was allready reported in an earlier thread)

  2. If you control a AA-Turret you can’t aim in the air. The turret will only turn if you aim on the ground.

  3. If you control a AT emplacement you can’t even fire at all.

  4. Controlling an armend supply-halftrack will flood your sight with yellow dots of the supplyrange!

  5. Moving the mouse to any direction will lead to a “lagging” viewmovement. No very smooth looking, to say it in other words.

Something else: If you press F11 and deselect the minefield-markers no new one will occour, but the old ones are still there and still flooding your screen.


  1. If you control any vehicle you see the armorratings in your sight, like you see them hovering a vehicle with the mouse in topview.

I believe this isn’t a problem that s44 dev’s can help with… The engine changed a while ago and FPS controls are quite weird, even in BA and CA…

Besides, Anti-tank guns won’t shoot anything else than armored vehicles (or vehicles), that’s why it wont shoot at all on your command (to avoid exploits I guess)…

And infantry is heavily scripted with running animations and shooting animations… so if you take controlof the unit it gets bumpy because of the animations it performs…

If you wish to control units in s44… control either tanks, or aircraft, those are the least clumsy… I hope you can have fun anyways :smiley:

Ah, the mine widget won’t clean those points that are already added, but you can erase them by pressing and holding the draw key (that’s the “tilde” or “|°¬” key under “esc” key) and right click, both at the same time, to erase points and drawings.

Thats because you would be able to fire above the maximum range against ground targets when you FPS it. Flak can only fire at infantry in about 700 range.
Try FPSing bazookas and panzerschreck for a nice surprise.